Training Programs

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After working with children for over 10 years, we felt the need to empower teachers and parents to work towards inclusion through workshops and certificate courses in the year 2000. With a rich background of highly trained and experienced faculty, Brindavan now has a variety of training programs that help us work with special needs children and promote inclusive education. Our Teacher Training programs offer various workshops for teachers:

  • A half–day workshop on awareness and identification of dyslexia.
  • A half-day to 3-days workshop on modules concerned with various aspects of learning difficulties

The workshop modules are tailored to suit the needs of individual organizations and schools and are available on request.

We also offer the following Training Programs:

  • A 3-month Certificate Program for Parents: Conducted twice a year to enable them to understand their children’s learning needs and support them from home.
  • A 14-month Diploma Teacher Training Program: Conducted to train mainstream school teachers in inclusive strategies. The program begins every year in the month of June.
  • A 10-month Diploma Course: Conducted for teachers who teach the age group 2.5 yrs – 6 yrs. The program is focused on early language and learning development.
  • Seminars & Workshops are organized frequently in the areas connected to Inclusive education. See our News and Announcements/Events section for updates on these.