Senior Centre

At the Senior Centre, we cater to 13-18 years old children with specific learning difficulties. Our intention is to guide them through school completion using the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) curriculum. Upon completion of the course at the Secondary Level and Senior Secondary Level, the children join mainstream colleges at intermediate/pre-university or degree levels. Previously, our students have taken courses in Arts, Commerce, Hotel Management, Fine Arts and Law. They have been admitted at various colleges like Christ College, Surana College and Kava college of Art in Mysore, to name a few. Many of our students are employed at organisations like Accenture, SAP Labs, etc.

We focus on enhancing:img-20160919-wa0024

  • Reading skills
  • Comprehension abilities
  • Written expression
  • Study skills

The NIOS is an autonomous organisation set up by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. Our programme is implemented at 3 levels:

  • Pre-NIOS: A preparatory course to develop skills in academic areas leading to the NIOS curriculum.
  • NIOS-Secondary Level (10th Standard): Our programme targets 2 to 3 subjects in a year from the NIOS curriculum, thus implementing the flexibility provided by NIOS to allow children to complete 10th Grade over a period of two years.
  • NIOS-Senior Secondary Level (11th and 12th Standard): This programme is carried out over a period of 2 years as required by the NIOS board. Each year 2 to 3 subjects are taken up for study. It suits children who require continued support in academic areas and are not keen on joining mainstream PU colleges.

The Brindavan Touch:

  • Differential teaching that is adapted to the learning style of each individual child.
  • Regular parent-teacher meetings are held to harness a parent’s co-operation in the child’s development.
  • A variety of extra curricular activities such as dance, music, drama, art and yoga enable the blossoming of the innate talents of the child, and builds up self-confidence through expression.
  • Counselling by professional counsellors for emotional growth and maturity.

Post-Senior Centre: After completion of the NIOS Secondary Level (equivalent to 10th Standard), students are eligible to enrol in:

  • The Senior Secondary Level of the NIOS (11th and 12th Standard)
  • The Pre-University Course offered by the Karnataka State Board
  • The CBSE +2 Programme
  • The ICSE +2 Programme or any other equivalent +2 programme