release of bookwritten by Kusum mam

Making Math Language Magic by Kusuma Narayana Murthy

This is a workbook written to make children read, understand (comprehension) and know the math present in daily life. It helps to understand different parameters of the same idea and generalisation of concepts.

Y times Z by Mrs. Kusuma Narayana Murthy

This is a remedial workbook in multiplication for children in grades 1-7. It has examples to solve problems in real life and helps to understand concepts as well as to do calculations.

2 plus 2 by Mrs. Kusuma Narayana Murthy

This book offers future teachers a comprehensive mathematics course designed to foster addition concept development through examples, investigation and exploration. The book is aimed at students from grade 1 to 6 and targets all types of learners.

The Indian Resource room – A Practical Approach by Dr. Reena Silva Ryall

The purpose of this book is to help special educators, teachers, therapists, tutors and parents to understand the dynamics of the resource room.

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