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A very pro-active Parent Support Group meets every 2nd Saturday of the month and conducts workshops and discussions on areas such as study skills, behavior management, life skills, learning styles, transition to work spaces.Brindavan Parent Support Group Newsletter

Director’s Note:


Without the wholehearted cooperation of the parents, there is very little that we can do as teachers because holistic growth for our children happens only when primary care givers are guiding and supporting us in the work we do.

The very first active PSG was instrumental in getting the 2nd language exemption for the PUC course in the year 2003. Headed by Ms. Chandrika Manjunath, they along with Prof. Nayanatara of IIM Bangalore approached the then vice-chancellor Dr. Thimmappa of Bangalore University and through him, the PU board. They got the government order for the 2nd language exemption passed at that time. This has been one of the best accommodations made for our children ever since.

Dr. Gayatri Krishna

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