Mission and Aims

Our ethos is simple – we believe that every child can be helped and guided to achieve his or her true potential. Every aspect of the education we provide is designed to support our students as they encounter the challenge of bridging the gap between potential and performance, and to prepare them for a successful and fulfilling adult life.


Brindavan aims to identify and nurture the inherent capabilities and creativity that dyslexic children often possess. We empower them to experience success and fulfil their potential in a safe and supportive learning environment.


We aim to help students realise their full academic and intellectual potential by:

  • Developing and nurturing self-esteem skills and natural abilities.
  • Motivating them towards independence in learning and in everyday life.
  • Preparing them for higher education, vocational training or taking public exams.
  • Providing allied services to meet the commitment through assessments, teacher training, etc.

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